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S. Rupsha Mitra (she / her)

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An author photograph of S. Rupsha Mitra

S. Rupsha Mitra is a poet from India with a pen­chant for every­thing crea­tive. She is a feminist writer and an advocate for disability and mental health.

Rupsha has been writ­ing po­etry since child­hood and be­gan to publish her work at the age of seventeen. Rupsha’s writ­ing has ap­peared in Around the Round Table Journal, Audacity Maga­zine, The Birmingham Arts Journal, Brown Girl Ma­gazine, Chautauqua Journal, Ekstasis (Christi­anity Today), The Frame Magazine, Indian Litera­ture (Sahitya Akademi), The Kali An­thology: Poems by Indian Women Poets, The London Reader, Me­kong Review, Mermaids Monthly, Muse India, North Dakota Quarterly, Pif Magazine, Propertius Press, Science for the Peo­ple Magazine, South End Stories, and South Seattle Emerald.

When Rupsha wrote the winning poem “Portrait of Wo­man” in the 2022 Building Legacy Artistry Community Cul­ture (BLACC) poetry contest, De­metra Davis, the con­test's creator, called the poem “a powerful…depiction of the beautiful, strong women in the Indian culture.” Rupsha was also the finalist in the 2021 Voice of Peace: Inter­na­tional Poetry and Short Story Anthology Com­petition organized by The League of Poets. In 2020, her work received honours at the National Po­etry Con­test of In­dia held by eShe Magazine. Aekta Ka­poor, a publisher and contest judge, wrote that Rupsha's writing has “rare emo­tional maturity.”

Rupsha participated in the collaborative Nautanki Festival project organized by Nautanki नौटंकी Cre­ation in 2022 and in 2021 Rupsha's chapbook Dandelion Skin was released by Ori­gami Poems, her chapbook Soul God was the finalist in the chapbook con­test held by The Po­etry Ques­tion, and she took part in The Poetry inPrint Residency. In addition to her creative work, Rupsha wrote an episode for the Na­tional Diversity Awards nomi­nated podcast Hear My­self Think.

Rupsha is enamoured with dance and believes that all art forms inspire one another. She studies psychology at the University of Calcutta and is fascinated by concepts such as defense mechanisms and as­pects of re­ligion and national heritage. Rupsha often likes to ex­plore themes such as culture, spirituality, and identity in her writing and in her poetry collection Smoked Frames, forth­coming from JLRB Press in 2023, Rupsha writes about Indian cities, sites, and love.