JLRB Press is a small-run imprint that specia­lizes in poetry, with a strong emphasis on queer and neuro­divergent voices and emerg­ing writers.

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Michael G. Khmelnitsky, Ph.D. (he / she)

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Founder, Publisher, and Chief Editor

A profile photograph of Michael G. Khmelnitsky in 2022

I am a neuroqueer poet and trans­lator. I hold a B.A. Hons. from The Uni­versity of Bri­tish Co­lumbia, an M.A. from University of Wa­ter­loo, and a Ph.D. from Uni­versity of Cal­gary. I have been writ­ing and trans­lating poetry since 1996.

My poetry has appeared in print; however, I often felt that traditional publishing remains in­equitable and insular. Although I created an online place for my poems, I soon realized that text demands physical presence and that I care deeply about how words look on the printed page.

In my past life as a graphic designer, I co-found­ed Dimen­sion Six Digital in Vancouver and NagaKNOW in Matsumo­to. The former permit­ted me to create visual iden­tities for various cultural and artistic organizations between 2002 and 2010. The latter allowed me to discover how to frame storytelling when I laid out the bilingual maga­zine, took interviews, and co-wrote stories about life in the Nagano Prefec­ture to­gether with local Japanese journalists.

My passion for typography and design led me to self-publishing my first poetry collection Gran­ville, to creating my multimedia antipoem epic Go Fish, to conceiving my two large-format po­ems Silo 28 and Cathedral, and to compiling and publishing my second poetry collection, We Were Hateful People, and my fourth, The Love of a Good Man, forthcoming in 2024.

I have remained curious and passionate about technology and the written word (in fact, I have coded the very web­site you are reading—from scratch). Put together, my understanding of what makes a moving literary work, my technical ability, and my experience with teaching writing make me a reliable guide through the journey of getting your book of poems out into the world. It is also why I have founded JLRB Press. I look for­ward to reading your verse.

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