JLRB Press is a small-run imprint that specia­lizes in poetry, with a strong emphasis on queer and neuro­divergent voices and emerg­ing writers.

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Two Exciting Announcements

August 14, 2023

The cover of _Smoked Frames_

First things first, while we've been preparing Smoked Frames, a po­etry col­lection forth­co­ming from our auth­or S. Rupsha Mit­ra, we put toge­ther an over­view of the book's back­ground, in­clu­ding some fascina­ting in­sights into the poet's crea­tive process. 🤔💡

Second, we're excited to unveil our Friends page that lists the cultural and com­munity or­ganiza­tions, events, publica­tions, bookshops, and busi­nesses that have either helped JLRB Press along the way or share our values. Let's grow this list together! 🤗❤️