JLRB Press is a small-run imprint that specia­lizes in poetry, with a strong emphasis on queer and neuro­divergent voices and emerg­ing writers.


Tip: We are currently open to submissions of chapbook- and book-length poetry manu­scripts. This submission period will close on November 30, 2023.


Staff photo of Winslow Hermson

We may have come into existence only this year, but we've already gained many allies and friends. Thus, it is a bitter­sweet thing for us to say fare­well to one of our staff members—perhaps for now! 😔

Winslow Hermson has been an important part of the editorial board of JLRB Press as an Associate Editor, making important contribu­tions to several aspects of the press's opera­tions, such as the submission review workflow and criteria. Winslow has worked with us to shape the direction of the press and his contri­butions will serve us for years to come.

As Winslow departs, he retains the title Asso­ciate Editor Emeri­tus. We will remember Wins­low fondly and wish him the very best, wherever he finds himself next. ❤️

We had a booth at the 2023 Small Press Fest…and it went swimmingly!

Founder, Publisher, and Chief Editor Michael G. Khmelnitsky and Volunteer James Chumsa at the JLRB Press Booth at 2023 Small Press Fest
Left to right: Founder, Publisher, and Chief Editor Michael G. Khmelnitsky and Volunteer James Chumsa

On September 6, Dani Neira reached out to us about co­ming to Small Press Fest in Victoria. We had ten days to get ready. 🫢

We sprang into action and began to prepare. On Septem­ber 16, our volunteer James Chumsa and Founder, Publi­sher, and Chief Editor Michael G. Khmelnitsky made the drive to Victoria and set up in the lovely Open Space (our booth was neighbours with that of the vaunted Malahat Review!)

Over the next few hours, we spoke to droves of visitors (many of them fellow queer and neuro­divergent folks 🌈♾️💖), made friends with other exhibitors, and explored their publications and papercraft. We also took in an in­sight-filled panel discussion on publishing and art writing that featured Casey Wei, Kim Dhillon, and Kara Stanton (with Dani as moderator). Finally, we had a surprise sushi dinner during the ReIssue Publication launch party before heading back up to Nanaimo. What a day! 😅

Our many thanks go to Dani and all the other organizers—we'll definitely see you next year! 🙏

We are still accepting submissions—the sub­mission pe­riod will run until November 30, 2023. 🗓️

We will reopen submissions for an exciting po­etic antho­logy project on January 1, 2024. Stay tuned for more! 😉


The poet Linda Rogers was very kind to give her thoughts on We Were Hateful People in the omnibus "Notes on Grief" in The BC Review. Go have a read! 😊

Various books covered with leaves
Photo credit: Linda Rogers

The cover of _Smoked Frames_

First things first, while we've been preparing Smoked Frames, a po­etry col­lection forth­co­ming from our auth­or S. Rupsha Mit­ra, we put toge­ther an over­view of the book's back­ground, in­clu­ding some fascina­ting in­sights into the poet's crea­tive process. 🤔💡

Second, we're excited to unveil our Friends page that lists the cultural and com­munity or­ganiza­tions, events, publica­tions, bookshops, and busi­nesses that have either helped JLRB Press along the way or share our values. Let's grow this list together! 🤗❤️

Author photo of S. Rupsha Mitra

We are proud to an­nounce that S. Rup­sha Mitra has signed on with JLRB Press as an author. We are very excited about her po­etry col­lection, Smoked Frames, forth­coming in 2023.

Rupsha is a prolific po­et and writer: She has pub­lished pieces in numerous journals and magazines, won—or placed as a finalist—in several poetry contests, and has been involved in a large number of col­laborative multi­media, and journa­lism pro­jects.

To welcome Rupsha aboard, we have prepared an author profile that explores her writing experiences, the­matic interests, and passions. Come have a peek!

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